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If the candidate answers a particular question correctly the subsequent question would be of a higher level. Aspiring Minds owns the intellectual property rights as defined by law.

However, a nominal fee of Rs. The questions follow one after another. This feature adapts to the candidate's intelligence and potential and questions are not just randomly picked rather they are based on the candidate's competence. If on the other hand a candidate picks the wrong answers anywhere down the line then the next question would automatically be easier than the previous one.

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You will not record, copy, publish, or share any part of the test questions or answers in any form verbal, written or by any means manual, electronic for any purpose. The corporate team of Aspiring Minds together with its clients picks out candidates fitting the required profile. It carries the syllabus, game of thrones dating site test pattern and sample test papers.

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Correct answers get difficult questions and incorrect answers get easier questions. This pattern of questions would continue until the candidate answers a question correctly from when the questions would start getting difficult. We know that you care how we use information about you and we appreciate your trust in us to do that carefully and sensibly. The scores are based on the level of questions attempted and answered correctly.

In this system of testing the computer automatically generates question from its question bank depending on the candidate's performance. Fee can also be paid by Demand Draft. Student's pursuing any of the afore mentioned degree programs in the pre-final or final year are eligible for appearing for the test.

The advantage of the adaptive feature is that the candidate's aptitude is correctly judged in each individual subject. Multiple instances of prohibited behavior will result in automatic shut-down of the test and rejection of your application.

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Questions are related to basic economics and everything to do with finance such as credit cards, mutual funds and loans. Every candidate has to answer a series of questions in each subject. If the answer to that question is also correct the following question would pose a more difficult problem.

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