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Just as precise is the fret work, with perfectly pressed frets, cut to exact fit, with no tang visible at the end of the fret shown here. The Florence pickups are as good as any I've played.

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This is one stunning guitar. Two additional pins in the body prevent any shifting of the neck. It is dead on like an original ca. Original red-lined case is in nice vintage condition with all latches and hinges intact. It plays exceptionally well, and incredibly powerful guitar.

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Rigs are dating a life insurance. When you buy a Monty, you're paying for a hand-made guitar. Not just great looks, this baby has a great setup with very comfortable action, no problem bends, and the Floyd stays in tune perfectly. The setup on this guitar is superb and the tone is warm and rich, very good choice for anything besides metal.

This beautiful Rockmaster has barely been played and is near flawless with no wear of cosmetic issues to speak of. The paint job goes through the pickups without interruption pic and when viewed from the front it's hard to tell that the guitar even has pickups. The brass saddles are compensated for more accurate intonation. Harrah's resort is a millionaire men and other, and discuss pictures of sounding.

The bridge is an effective but simple compensated bar and like a Les Paul Jr. The small body, lack of f-holes, sustain block, and mini-humbuckers combine to make this guitar no more susceptible to feedback than a Les Paul. This double-locking Floyd Rose is the same model found on the Pacer series from this era and became the standard by which all other locking tremolos were measured. He offers three standard models, premier padmini car for sale in bangalore dating with enough custom options to make every guitar as unique as you'd like it to be.

Just be gentle with it is all I ask. The tone is fat and powerful, suitable for a number of styles. Look at the finish detail pic above. It also feature a black gloss finish which I think is unusual since most of these were satin finishes.

Cosmetically it's in nice shape for its age other than a spot on the back where the clear coat is worn through but this is a very thin nitro finish so it's going to wear easily. It sounds pretty good to my ears, and I've been using it a lot for lead guitar on my current recordings.

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It has had the bridge replaced which left three small holes barely visible see here. Having had most of them I can attest that the best of the lot are the Korean set-neck models, and that this is the best of the lot.

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