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That does not mean your match is not out there. While the system is good for showing you potential matches, sometimes you and only you know the precise type of man or woman you are seeking. The perfect match could literally be in the next town or city. He or she probably is, but they might have a different hair color. Our users care about more than just a photo to swipe right or left on.

This moment rarely happens, not in real life and particularly not on dating apps. With the advanced search you can really narrow down your results and search for the perfect dating partner. These search parameters can query different features found in the singles community such as looks, lifestyle, availability, personality, vices and more.

We do live in modern times with abundant means of transportation. Lets say you have a preference for someone with red hair, so you search through everyone with red hair and do not find a match. You can also try adjusting the mile radius too.

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With that said, if you do not have any luck with your first search query, try adjusting the filters. This will bring up even more people who match your search criteria.

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OkCupid is a community of diverse, interesting people. OkCupid Discovery puts the spotlight on all of those things. When you search for a specific interest, OkCupid Discovery scans for that interest in user profiles that already fit your match criteria. Most dating apps just show you a photo, a name and barely anything else, daytime dating audiobook meaning no real indication of what a person is really like.

Do not be afraid to be picky. If they have a nice face, you may be intrigued enough to strike up a conversation. You never know who you might discover or where they might be.