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You can take a bus from Rio to Salvador but it is a very long trip. Word Templates Need to spice up your Microsoft Office business reports? There are also places all over the city that they line up at.

January is probably the hottest month. In Salvador, check out the Mercado Modelo for souvenirs but bring cash and never pay the first price they give you. Especially on Tuesday nights. Luggage with wheels is easier. They often have drummers from Olodum on those nights.

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Drink stands open up along the street and people buy drinks and party right along the street. As long as you stay in touristy places and are smart about it, you should be fine. If they say no, get out and get a different cab.

From Salvador to Porto Seguro, pecezuelos capitulos completos latino dating you can sometimes find cheap flights but if not a bus is fine. Porto Seguro is one of my favorite places in Brazil.

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Porto Seguro has very good prices on hotels. There was a girl I knew that had her camera stolen out of her pocket in Salvador. If you have a compact digital camera, bring that.

Especially at night, they will try to negotiate a price instead of using the meter. Every template is easy to edit and print!

In Salvador, the Pelorinho has great night life. In Salvador stay in Ondina, Barra or Graca neighborhoods.

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For street vendors or small businesses, you need to have cash. Email me if you have more questions about those places. Get a photo gallery template today!

Try the African Bar in the Pelorinho or night clubs mentioned on wikitravel. We also stock stationary corporate identity packs. She was dancing with some random guy in a Bar in the Pelorinho and he pick pocketed her while they were dancing.

They are all close to decent beaches and pretty close to the Pelorinho. We stock over pre-made Word Templates and Powerpoint Templates covering all industry categories. In Rio I would recommend staying in Ipanema as close to the beach as you can afford. You will have great weather in March.