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No wonder this shopping complex is a favourite hangout for local grandmas and the blue-rinse set. It's a bit of a melting pot. This is a spot for high profile events with all the beautiful people, fancy dining or munches on the go. Clothes, handbags and heels ooze from every building orifice. Monogramming is on the house.

Founded in the Seventies, Promod has gained an increasing popularity from the Eighties, umberto bilancioni online dating when the need for affordable urban fashion has started to grow tremendously. The style of Promod is really French in this aspect. Promod was founded in starting up as a family company and was tailoring clothes for a smaller community.

From maxi skirts to mosaic-patterned tops, fringe to off-the-shoulder tops, this indie Thai brand has the boho chic look down. This is an informal collection of gew-gaws and items for the home or as gifts. The somewhat neutral style of the brand really brings something to the table for everyone. Or tube it underground on the Metro.

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The colourful collections come at more affordable prices and tend to sell out quickly. The air of nerdy enthusiasm is, surprisingly, equally as inviting as the flannel shirts, jeans and antique memorabilia. Flip through plaid shirts, sundresses and casual jeans at your own pace. From hand woven rugs to wooden carvings, it is easy to think beyond Pottery Barn.

When peckish, pop by the food floor with lots of on-the-go offerings for all tastes. Vijay Verghese Amarin Plaza, Siam Square deals Amarin Plaza is an unpretentious building that has acquired some glitz in recent years but it is happiest selling cheaper silk and local fashions.

The owner will carefully pack your items herself. This feminine boutique store offers all kinds of bits and bobs, from striped dresses to chequered fedoras.

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Originating in Siam Square, Flynow and its descendents are an excellent example of the creativity and unique style sensibilities bubbling over in Bangkok. Men will want to skip most of Rome, Paris and Istanbul and instead head straight to London town. Other items include enamel vases, celadon pottery, wooden spirit houses, statues and so on.

Shop for edgy urban fashion trends such as glitzy heels and sheer tops in this darkly lit boutique store with electronic tunes thumping loudly enough to reprogramme your pulse. At Milin, the art is in the details.

On the first and second floors, brace yourself for a barrage of clothing shops, each more dizzying than the next. Alas, there are really no such things as antiques these days in Thailand.

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At these prices, Platinum is the place to buy, buy, buy. This is a mini-destination all on its own. Vijay Verghese The mixture of silks, handicrafts, soaps, beaded Thai jewellery and leather stalls sets the market apart.

Promod is still rising in fame but it has established itself very successfully on the international market of instant fashion. Representing a lighter approach to fashion, at Promod you can get to buy several styles and most importantly lots of clothes and accessories. Watch for those Adam's Apples. The place has gone through top-to-toe remodelling and it works.

The collections are feminine, curve-hugging, graceful and geometric. The Met Art shops showcase refashioned jewellery and bric-a-brac modelled on original historic pieces housed at the original New York museum. From the station walk right into the surfer-wear section sporting Quicksilver, Roxy, Billabong and Mambo. Set aside at least half a day, if not more, for this expedition. More trendy and more affordable bags can be found down the corridor at Aqua Marine.

There are some decent restaurants in the complex for a short halt when the feet get weary. It has moved to new locations at the Anantara Siam Bangkok, a flagship store on Wireless Road, and a soon-to-open spot at the Mandarin Oriental riverside. Last but not least is the somewhat tamer All Seasons Place next to the Conrad hotel that offers trendy fashions and a few eateries. This funky, yellow and gray restaurant serves an excellent and spicy fried Thai papaya salad, but is best known for its dessert counter. To get genuine stuff, the shops have to look farther afield, in Myanmar, India, Cambodia and China.

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Pick up silk fabric lamps in striking colours at prices from Bt and up. Vijay Verghese As evening creeps in, vendors begin to pull their goods onto Ploenchit Road. The sixth floor houses cinemas and assorted entertainment.

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The place is overrun by Middle Easterners who enjoy bargaining in the small shops. Pahurat is also where tailors come to browse for and to purchase their raw material - buttons, zips and the like. SmartTravel Asia accepts no responsibility for any inadvertent inaccuracies in this article. Downstairs, you can haggle over accessories from pop-up shops that seem to turnover constantly. Hidden zippers, ruffled blouses and pops of colors accent all the right angles.

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